• Introducing Living World Green:
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    A new full range of natural, high quality and innovative products
    dedicated to your small pet.

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  • Discover our finest innovation, CelluPlus:

    Supports overall

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  • Complete, grain-free extruded foods with CelluPlus

    With natural ingredients

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  • Build a whole new world!

    Made from minimally-processed raw materials or recycled materials

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CelluPlus CelluPlus


The key to health and fitness: CelluPlus is Living World Green’s unique formula combining cellulose and essential nutrients to support overall well-being.

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Superior nutrition Superior nutrition

Superior nutrition

Complete and wholesome nutrition: Learn more about what makes our foods so great for your pet! 

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Innovation Innovation

Eco-Friendly material

Closer to Nature: Living World Green brings the best of our natural world to your pet’s world.

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